Highly-skilled music, audio and video professional with more than 20 years of experience in music producing and teaching, 15 years in film scoring and 10 years of film producing. Have ability to work in under pressure and tight deadlines. Prioritising speed without sacrificing quality.


    Hong Kong Disneyland

    Music Performer


    • Played piano at Disneyland Main Street and Disneyland Hotel Lobby.

    • Rearrange and prepare over 50 original Disney songs to adapt to

      different musical genres and styles based on the location.

    Rhapsody Productions



    • Managed video shoots, set teams and actors while creating work schedules and operating production equipment.

    • Created production schedules for every step of video production.

    • Worked with clients to produce various types of videos.

    • Utilized Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools to edit films and video, insert

      dialogue, add music and sound effects and arrange films into sequences.

    Multivision Plus Indonesia

    Film and TV Composer


    • Consulted with directors and producers to determine placement of musical cues and coordinate artistic vision.

    • Rewrote original theme songs to adapt to different types of scene.

    • Proved successful working within tight deadlines and fast-paced


    • Able to compose 3 episodes of 60-minutes TV series in 1 day.

    • Established fast working pace with average of 3 hours for 1 episodes of 60-minutes TV series.

    Trans Studio Makassar

    Theme Park Composer


    • Consulted with engineers and stage managers to determine placement of musical cues and coordinate artistic vision.

    • Compose background music for various zones, rides and attractions in the park.

    • Compose music for shows and rides pre-shows.


    Screenplay Productions

    Film and TV Composer


    SinemArt Pictures

    TV Composer


    Trans TV

    TV and Sitcom Composer


    MNC Pictures

    Film and TV Composer


    Dream Forest Productions

    TV Composer



    Pianist, Music Director and Music Tutor




    Pianist and Music Director



    BIC Hong Kong

    Music Tutor




    Master Degree

    Multimedia Management


    Bachelor Degree

    Informatics Engineering


    Yamaha Junior Original Concert


    Yamaha Music Education

    Grade 5 Diploma



    Indonesian Film Festival 2013

    Nominated for best original score for TV Film “Cinta Menembus Awan” (Love Through The Clouds)

    Bandung Film Festival 2013

    Nominated for best original score for TV Series “Si Biang Kerok” (The Troublemaker)

    FTV Awards 2011

    Nominated for best original score for “Pulang Malu Gak Pulang Rindu” (Home Sweet Home) and “Titipan Cinta dari Khayangan” (Love from Heaven)

    Bandung Film Festival 2011

    Nominated for best original score for TV Series “Pesantren dan Rock’n’Roll” (Pesantren and Rock’n’Roll)

    Indonesian Film Festival 2010

    Nominated for best original score for “7 Hati 7 Cinta 7 Wanita” (7 Hearts, 7 Loves and 7 Women)


    Everything that has been done to date


    2017: Rumah Kucing (House of Cats) by Chiska Doppert

    2016: 8 Hari Menaklukkan Cowok (8 Days to Conquer The Guy) by Shanker RS

    2016: Hitam Putih (Black and White) by Alip Sak for Jelita Alip Films

    2016: 1 Cinta di Pulau Bira (Love In Bira) by Arnandha Wyanto for MNC Pictures, Indonesia

    2015: Wanita Berdarah (Bloody Revenge) by Alip Sak for Jelita Alip Films, Indonesia

    2015: Cabe-Cabean (Racing Queens) by Erna Pelita for RK23 Pictures, Indonesia

    2012: Little Medium Kid teaser trailer by Meng Ong, Singapore
    2010: 7 Hati 7 Cinta 7 Wanita (7 Hearts, 7 Loves and 7 Women) by Robby Ertanto Soediskam for Anak Negeri Productions, Indonesia
    2010: Melodi (Melody) by Harry Dagoe Suharyadi for Imagika Films, Indonesia

    TV Series

    Multivision Plus, Indonesia:

    2018: Doaku Harapanku

    2017: Kekasih Dunia Akhirat

    2017: Kecil-Kecil Mikir Jadi Manten

    2017: Cinta Di Pangkuan Himalaya

    2017: Cahaya Cinta Season 2

    2017: I-KTP

    2017: Sahabat Rimba (Rimba's Friends)

    2017: Cahaya Cinta (Light of Love)

    2017: Tuyul Dan Buku Ajaib

    2017: Bobowow

    2017: Jin Dan Jun Makin Gokil

    2017: I Love Jinny

    2016: Pandu

    2016: Jin Dan Jun Bikin Kepo

    2016: Jinny Oh Jinny Datang Lagi

    2016: Tuyul Dan Mbak Yul


    MNC Pictures, Indonesia:

    2018: Kisahku

    2017: Rahasia Ilahi

    2017: Sambalado

    2017: Mia Ikan Mas

    2016: Cakep-Cakep Baper (Melancholic Guys)

    2016: Salam

    2014-2017: Layar Kemilau (Sparkling Screen)

    2007-2017: Various TV film and TV series


    Trans TV, Indonesia:

    2016: Kisah Idul dan Fitri (Idul and Fitri)

    2016: Lovepedia
    2013: Mendadak Sakti (Suddenly Mighty)
    2013: Komisi Pemberantas Setan (Ghostbuster)
    2013-2015: Oh Ternyata (Turns Out)
    2010-2011: Nilai Kehidupan (The Value of Life)
    2010: Pondok Mentari (The House of Sunshine)
    2010: 86
    2010: Angel’s Diary
    2008-2016: Various Bioskop Indonesia TV Film


    Trans 7, Indonesia:

    2017: Seribu Kisah (A Thousand Story)

    2017: Kisah Nyata (True Story)

    2015-2017: Cermin Kehidupan (Mirror of Life)

    2015-2017: Rahasia Tuhan (The Secret of God)

    2015: Kisah Kehidupan (The Stories of Life)

    2014: Takdir Ilahi (Destiny)


    Digital Film Media, Indonesia:

    2017: Buyung Upik

    2018: Putera Petir


    Screenplay Productions, Indonesia:

    2013: Jiung Pendekar Cabe Rawit (Jiung The Pepper Warrior)
    2012-2013: Si Biang Kerok (The Troublemaker)
    2012: Cinta Salsabila (Salsabila’s Love)
    2012: Anisa dan Anisa (Anisa and Anisa)
    2012: Badil dan Blangkon Ajaib (Badil and The Magic Hat)
    2012: Garuda Impian (Garuda’s Dream)
    2011: Janji Cinta Aisah (Aisah’s Love Promise)
    2011: Pesantren dan Rock’n’Roll 2 (Pesantren and Rock’n’Roll 2)
    2011: Dua Dewi (2 Dewis)
    2011: Kupinang Kau Dengan Bismillah (I Proposed You With Basmallah)
    2011: Calon Bini (The Fiancee)
    2011: Pesantren dan Rock’n’Roll (Pesantren and Rock’n’Roll)
    2011: Arini 2
    2010: Arini
    2010-2015: Various TV Film


    AS Productions, Indonesia:
    2013: Kami Rindu Ayah (We Missed Our Father)
    2013: Setulus Kasih Ibu (Mother’s Love)
    2013: Bukan Mawar Tapi Melati (Rose and Jasmine)


    Mizan Productions, Indonesia:
    2013: Jessy dan 7 Sahabat (Jessy and Her 7 Friends)
    2011: Kecil-Kecil Punya Karya (Children’s Corner)


    Dream Forest Productions, Singapore:
    2009: OCBC Mighty Savers S3 opening
    2009: Fighting Spiders
    2009: This Is My Home (Singapore’s National Day's TV Film)
    2008: Mandy and Her Mighty Adventures S2 opening



    2017: Various TV film and TV series by Lunar Film, Indonesia

    2017: Various TV film by Tobali, Indonesia

    2004-2017: Various TV film and TV series by Multivision Plus, Indonesia

    2007-2017: Various TV film and TV series by Rapi Films, Indonesia
    2008-2011: Various TV film by Dharmawangsa Studio X, Indonesia
    2008-2009: Various TV film “Sinema Romantis” by Sinemart, Indonesia
    2008: Upik Abu dan Laura by Sinemart, Indonesia

    Commercials and PSAs

    2018: Call Me AI (Oppo mini series)

    2017: Enfagrow

    2017: Snapy

    2016: Kartini Perindo Campaign

    2015: Toyota All New Innova Launch

    2015: Aqua (Tes Konsentrasi dan Fokus Part 2)

    2015: Aqua (Tes Konsentrasi dan Fokus Part 1)

    2015: KPR BCA

    2014: FWD Life Insurance

    2014: Biore Pore Pack Heritage Batik

    2014: Homyped Kids (Motor Race)

    2014: Homyped Ladies (Soimah)
    2013: Preston
    2013: Ministry of Health Indonesia
    2013: Homyped Kids (Speedboat)
    2011: INTEX Airbed
    2011: Nexmedia
    2011: Samafitro
    2011: Axe (Bena’s Story)
    2011: Matahari (2011 Chinese New Year)
    2010: Matahari (2010 Christmas)
    2010: Bank Mega Peduli
    2010: Matahari (2010 Ramadhan)
    2010: Stir Crunchy Corn Popper
    2009: Perusahaan Gas Negara (2009 Ramadhan)
    2008: Fusionopolis Singapore

    Music Works

    2018: Opening Asian Games 2018 (orchestrator and transcriber)

    2018: NET Sumpah Pemuda 2018 (orchestrator)

    2017: Pesta Sahabat 2 RTV (arranger and live musician)

    2017: Pesta Sahabat RTV (arranger and live drama composer)

    2017: The Promise by GMCC Music (producer and arranger)

    2016: Total Deliverance by GMCC Music (producer and arranger)

    2015: Puteri Pariwisata Indonesia 2015 by RTV (several song arranger)

    2015: Nafiri Discipleship Church Worship 1 concert (orchestrator)

    2011: The Creator concert by Sari Simorangkir (orchestrator)
    2010: Resurrection by GMB (several orchestration arranger and pianist)
    2010: Sedikit Romantis by Guntur (several orchestration arranger and pianist)
    2009: Trans Studio Makasar (theme park composer)
    2009: My Everything by Maya Uniputty (producer and arranger)
    2008-2009: Various weddings and events with Wawan Yap Enterprise (pianist)
    2008: Walking Day By Day by Yetty AD (arranger)
    2008: Restoration concert tour by United to Excel (pianist, sequencer engineer and programmer) in Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Medan, Lampung, Palangka Raya, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast
    2007: Restoration concert by United to Excel (sequencer engineer and programmer)
    2007: Anugerah by Jeffry Rambing (arranger)
    2006: Prophetic Journey concert (orchestrator and sequencer engineer)
    2006: Victorious Breakthrough concert (orchestrator and sequencer engineer)
    2004: United to Bless The Nations concert (orchestrator and sequencer engineer)
    2004: Glorious Easter concert (orchestrator and sequencer engineer)
    2003: United by Grace (orchestrator)